lainox sapiens cooking oven

lainox sapiens cooking oven


automatic with over 90 tested and stored cooking programs including programs for reheating on the plate or in a tray.

programmable with the ability to store 99 cooking programs in automatic sequence (up to 4 cycles)

manual cooking with three cooking modes : convection from 30 deg C to 300 deg C, steam from 30 deg C to 130 deg C,? combination convection and steam from 30 deg C to 300 deg C.

manual with the ability to work with 4 cycles in automatic sequence for differentiated cooking and funcions for temperature holding (2 modes), steam outlet control

cooking with core temperature control (with multi-point probe or needle probe) – optional

automclima – automatic system for measuring and controlling the humidity in the cooking chamber

fast dry system for quick dehumidification of the cooking chamber