A IPS horizontal flow wrapper

A IPS horizontal flow wrapper

IPS Horizontal Flow Pack Machine FAR

robust, versatile and very easy to clean, connected to IPS technical service

available models in 3 sizes:

FAR50(film width 500mm), Far60(film width 600mm), FAR70(film width 700mm)product length 50-600mm, max product height 120mm, output 120pcs/minute

main machine structure in steel with covers in stainless steel.

product contact parts in s/steel, easy access to electric and pneumatic parts

2000 mm long infeed conveyor with nylon pushers (standard)

3 sets of wheels for longitudinal sealing, 1-up transverse rotary sealing jaw

reel holder with expanding shaft, 1000mm long discharge conveyor belt

3 brushless servomotors, high resolution 7″ touch screen integrated control panel

remote maintenance, power : 208V, 60Hz,